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Ranch Show Set

This set is matched nicely with a rust wine semi stretch zip front shirt available in many sizes, medium, large, & XL.Made from stretch cotton fabric to keep you cool when riding. Cream scarf 60x60.
Oklahoma Star ranch pad is black, with cream base, with state blue and red wine tones.

Available in different sizes measurements in inches:

XL: Bust 43 Waist 40 Hips 42 Shoulder 17 Arms 25 Total Length 29.5

Large: Bust 41 Waist 40 Hips 41 Shoulder 17 Arms 25 Total Length 29

Medium: Bust 38 Waist 36 Hips 39 Shoulder 16 Arms 24.5 Total Length 29

Ride in Ranch, Trail or Western Riding? These are specifically designed for these classes. Using traditional Ranch weave, 1/2 inch in thickness and  no wear leathers.